Future Home of the Gerasene Writer’s Colony?

Former Boys’ Reformatory, Cortland, NY. Could be had for a song. Backs up to the river, just across from the asphalt company. Bracing! Ooh, and we’ll name the front lawn Potter’s Field, after our fancy new poet.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    That looks great. We've got to get busy in the financial department … maybe it's time to start merchandizing. We'll wipe up both P Diddy and Yaddo.

  2. The Yeatsean/Joycean/Fassbinderian tower?

    I don't see one….

    No matter. I will have Carpenter Bro in Lo install one.


  3. Keep it simple.

    If I were to buy a small holiday place one day for myself and my husband, would any impoverished writer/poet be interested in staying there some of the time?

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Anon, what a very delicious question. Can you tell us anything more about this place – whereabouts, that sort of thing?

  5. Yes, if you'll tell me whether you spent time in that place.

    I was discussing it with my husband today. He is keen on Ireland. But since we will probably keep his home near his friends in London, it seems fair that I should buy somewhere that would feel like home to me. And so somewhere in the United States, near woods and water would be nice. I'd be happy in a city, but that wouldn't be much of a holiday home for my husband, or for the Gerasne writer(s), I suppose.

  6. Alternatively, if we bought somewhere in Ireland, perhaps we could sometimes stay in the writer's home, and he in ours, and each in Ireland?

  7. Except because he's a priest, or a murderer, or shy, or unsociable, he's unlikely to ever reveal who he is, so there'll be no holiday swaps.

  8. Or gay, nothing wrong with being gay.

  9. Although that would make me a bit sad, even though I'm happily married, and I'll say no more about it.

  10. Matthew Lickona says

    Don't despair! I, for one, am fascinated…

  11. Well, I was being friendly and didn't want to offend anyone. Good night.

  12. Matthew Lickona says

    Good night! Not offended! Thanks for being friendly! I'm for Ireland as well!

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