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Five Devotions

My devotions are not as worldly as Rufus’, but I make up for that in other ways.

(1) Mass
(2) Lectio Divina
(3) Angelus
(4) Compressed Rosary (Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s, Glory Be)
(5) St. Augustine, St. Benedict, J.S. Bach


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Never heard of the Compressed Rosary, and since a Google search leads me right back to this post, I'm guessing it originates with you, or somewhere close to you. It's a good'un, and I'll be working it in between tracks from Slow Train Coming in the future.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    In my house, we call that a Trecade – a treble decade. We say it as we fall asleep at night. Or try to say it.

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