Ecclesial Trivia Question of the Day

From the “Administrative Territorial Unit” category….
There are three sets of dioceses in the United States which share the same name, for two hundred brownie points and a new set of bragging rights, what are the paired names of these three sets?

e.g. A Diocese of La Crosse in Nevada and a Diocese of La Crosse in Wisconsin).

For extra brownie points – give the official name for each diocese.

You see, this is my day job intruding on things here. I just thought it was a neat little factoid – and thought I’d see if anyone else out there had heard of it.


  1. Kansas City, Portland and just where do the Springfield triplets fit in?

  2. Dorian Speed says

    Wow. She's good.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    But, who is the Archbishop of Saudi Arabia?

  4. Rufus McCain says

    My question is How do you pronounce "dioceses"? Does it rhyme with diseases?

  5. Methinks you overlooked a pair of Lafayettes…

  6. Ellyn,

    One of those Springfield's is actually a hyphenate – Springfield-Cape Girardeau. Likewise, one of the Kansas Cities is portmanteau'd with St. Joseph, so technically these two diocese are distinguishable from their otherwise homonymous sisters.

    But what remains is to explain how the two Portlands, the two other Springfields and – as anonymous points out – the two Lafayettes distinguished from one another since they are not coupled with another sister city in their respective dioceses.


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