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Derek Walcott reading "Fare Well" and "The Hulls of White Yachts"

… at the website for New York Review of Books. You’ll find it in a widget about halfway down the page.

JOB and I have had a (very) little back-and-forth about Derek Walcott over the last month or so, first on line, then at the Gerasene Writer’s Conference. Actually, it’s mostly me, perhaps all me … I’m a Walcott fan from way back, so I was happy to see that he’s recorded Walter de la Mare’s “Fare Well,” as well as his own “The Hulls of White Yachts” from his latest collection, White Egrets.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Beautiful, thanks.

  2. Anonymous says

    I have several Walcott anecdotes I'll share with you over a little vino sometime. They stem from his week-long visit to U of Dallas while I was in grad school there. He's a character. –Peacock

  3. ImeldaJean says

    The Trinidadian accent is remarkably well-suited to poetry. It's quite unlike any other in the Caribbean – perhaps because the island's culture comprises such a unique blend of peoples.

    "The stars come out to watch the evening die" – lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Hello Peacock! I'm looking forward to those anecdotes, most of what I've heard has been … pretty awful.

    He certainly is a fine reader, and it's a great accent. He's from St. Lucia, and then later founded a theatre in Trinidad, I think. Don't know if all that is evident in the accent or not, but it certainly does sound good. Thanks for reading.

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