"Chased as ghosts, though, words mean to reckon each tale…"


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    These should be published with woodcuts. Great stuff.

    I know I'm slow, but is there a running Abraham theme?

  2. Keep the flowers.

  3. Jonathan,

    Refer to the Gerasene late Feb. I think – the cycle is a series of meditations (if you can call them that) on Genesis. Each epithet is a passage from that book in successive order.

    The experiment (which I'm kind of with anonymous on – I'm not sure it has completely succeeded) began as a Christmas gift about four years ago for a sister in law.

    I'm revising as I go – and from the sounds of anonymous' chippy bits, I've got a great deal of revising to go…


    Please keep the comments coming – but do say more. What's not to like? What doesn't work? It would be a service to me – and the reading public!


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