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Can "Negotiated Fidelity" Save Marriages?

Holly says that her current boyfriend can have sex with any woman he wants, though he is not allowed to spoon or spend the night with his extracurricular women. (That must be Holly’s bid to circumvent the inconvenient emotional intimacy that often crops up during straightforward sex.) As for her deal, she’s allowed to have sex with other men, but is not allowed to wear clothes or underwear that her main man has purchased for her. (Ah, yes: He’s protecting his assets. Don’t use his money to attract competitors, thank you very much.)

This is so sad.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Seems to raise more questions than it answers. She is obviously a believer in certain conventions. Why?

  2. Open marriages don't – and shouldn't – work. But you can still have friendships with members of the opposite sex.

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