"august and tending…" and Jamie Wyeth


  1. To the good soul who really tried:

    1. Thanks for the effort!

    2. You broke the link to Gerasene.

    3. It's not the picture I was thinking of.


  2. Jonathan Webb says

    I'm the asshat. Sorry.

  3. Jonathan,

    No one can be an asshat for long – not when you're dealing with the Wyeths.

    I do like the picture – I'd never seen this one before.


  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Nice work, JOB, as always. I like "Brine of Monhegan blood" and the use of "august" towards the end.

  5. Quin,

    Thanks! I really wish I could find the whole print out there in I-land.

    Alas, it helps to have the picture in mind when navigating an ekphrasis.



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