So they WERE in cahoots!

…who knew?


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, who would have known and even IMAGINED that it was possible. But, it was the American people in the most decadent and self-delusional collective decision in this country's history who chose this man and unrestrained, government subsidized and judicially mandated infanticide for decades. Why don't we go ahead and add the problem of devastating public debt, a command economy and Hezbollah car bombs detonating in Juarez and our children's future is assured. They said Bush was stupid, but I think this gang are the stupidest people in The United States because they think they're freaking smart, but really aren't smart at all, and, as Thomas Sowell once said, some people will never be fulfilled unless they can tell other people what to do.

  2. Southern Expat says

    True that.

    Also, isn't it "cahoots?"

  3. Rufus McCain says

    I like how Stephanopoulos gets tagged as a "disgusting little rat snake" — it sounds like something right out of Screwtape. On the other hand, this is a small group of journalists, right? These are far-left ideologues discussing propaganda strategies. I guess I don't see how this is surprising or newsworthy at this point.

  4. Jonathan,

    I'm all in with that – the last ten years we've been living like the English: pusilanimous Conservatives and Delusional Liberals.


    My bad. Thanks for pointing it out!


    The brevity of my comment was a small simmering matchhead of satirical bitterness.

    As for the newsworthiness – besides the fact that Journolist has so many levels of rich complexity (Is it the horse and buggy journalists getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari? Or is it Ferrari journalists wanting to see just how fast and how far they can go with this hot little number? Or is it Ferrari journalists attempting to reinvent the horse and buggy on the chassis of the Ferrari?). It's a plain fact that the myth of objectivity in American journalism started as a way to consolidate the left's hegemony in the press. Now that the "new media" has cracked the mask, it seems that the "old media" is beginning to drop its pretensions like so many peanut shells in a Texas saloon.

    Back in the days of the country's founding, journalists like Philip Freneau, John Fenno and Joseph Dennie were nothing if not partisan. Of course the lines of Federalist and anti-Federalist were more nicely drawn than what we have today (refer to Mr. Webb's comments above). At any rate, the news of this piece is that the crack in the mask is that much wider because the players on Journolist were that much more candid than I've seen anywhere else.


  5. Matthew Lickona says


    I'm sure you suspected that I wasn't going to be with you on this one. I'm not a great fan of Conason, but his rebuttal is here.

  6. Matthew,

    Actually, I am quite surprised.

    Of course, we could be speaking past one another.

    Please clarify what "This" means:

    1. That modern journalism is anything but objective.

    2. That modern journalists tend to slant the news to the left.

    3. That the report I linked to demonstrates journalists' sympathy – and even active support for – the Left – to the extent that they're willing to subvert their profession for the sake of defeating the "right."

    4. All of the above.

    If that's the case, could you please spell out what I'm missing.


  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, 3, at the least.

    Today, anyway, I'd say that the Left has a better case against the right on this charge.

  8. Matthew Lickona says

    To respond more fully: Conason notes that the group is largely not composed of mainstream journalists, but admitted lefties, and that the conspiratorial suggestions were roundly ignored, and on top of that, I would say that the story wasn't suppressed, and so there isn't much smoke to this fire.

  9. Matthew,

    Of course, you throw up Breitbart; I throw up Dan Rather; you throw up…etc.

    So if I found some mainstream journalists talking in this – or a similiar vein – THEN you would be convinced that journalism has lost its way? (Or as I actually argue, has rediscovered its roots!)?

    Of course, I don't want to go to the trouble if the only response is throwing Breitbart up the flagpole…


  10. Matthew Lickona says

    "I throw up" is indeed the correct term. I'm all for slanted journalism, as you argue – it's when it shades over into mendacity that I get itchy. I mentioned Brietbart only because he's in the headlines today.

  11. Jonathan Webb says

    "What did you do for a living granddadday?"

    "I shilled for hack politicians without question and represented myself as an honorable human being."

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