Shudder Speed

All day I’ve been looking at our past presence
In pictures: but now light’s absence develops

Love’s negative and, like a dark room, absorbs
Us both: from our first fresh chromatic words

We’ve become more vulnerable to light, awash
With light, an echo-flash of light – overexposed.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    Wonderful poem.

  2. Quin,

    I'm really not trying to "stack the court" with poetry – it's just that Rufus and I have this wierd mind meld going when it comes to headlines.

    I wrote this one a while back…


  3. Dorian Speed says

    It's cool, actually. You're kind of like that guy along the Seine in "Before Sunrise." If we like it, are we supposed to pay you?

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    I got that with the Insomnia poem, I think, but this one is relatively short, so I thought it possible … definitely did not mean to imply it was dashed off at flash-bulb speed.

    And I think it's perfectly fine to stack the site with poetry; maybe you could re-post that "Wakey-wake" poem from way back sometime…

  5. Mrs. Celerity,

    I will be opening a PayPal account for just such an occasion….


    No, no! I didn't infer that you implied anything. I'm just a wee self-conscious about throwing this stuff up nilly-willy. And I will post Wakey-wakey again, for sure!



  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks Job. Please post more poetry.

  7. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks Job. Please post more poetry.

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