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It’s On!

The Soul of a Lioness vs. The Catholic Lenny Bruce….

America (of all places – guess everyone likes a good fight) has the summary here.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    I dunno if it's on, exactly. Dude's been on sabbatical to reflect on his approach since April.

  2. Southern Expat says

    I was confused by that – I thought AVH posted something similar a few months ago. Maybe America re-ran it, or she wrote an expanded version?

    I tend to lean in the general direction of AVH (we're buds, that's her nickname) and kind of admire her devil-may-care, no-need-to-sound-relevant approach. I think the tone of her article is so flowery and hagiographical of her late husband that a lot of people will tune out what she's saying. The St. Therese story threw me, though.

    Dawn Eden has also apparently taken on Christopher West.

  3. Matthew,

    Ah, yes, the sabbatical. Can't wait to see what good comes of that, come November. But that doesn't change the status of the "conversation" (i.e. debate) as such. Ball is in Mr. West's court – and therefore I'd say the game is "on." We're just waiting for Mr. West's return volley.

    In fact, I think Mrs. von Hildebrand says as much herself in a postcript:

    "Postscript: Earlier this year, and after this paper was begun, Christopher West announced that he would be taking a six-month sabbatical from his usual work. It is my sincere and prayerful hope that he will use this valuable time, of “personal and professional renewal,” to consider the many concerns that have been raised about his work– and thereby “renew” his approach as well.


    I believe this is an expanded version. At the end of the essay, she notes that it has been peer-reviewed – and as far as I can tell the essay is published directly by CNA and not merely as a copy-off from her posting.


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