That was the word verification thing that popped up when I commented on the Gerasene Writer’s Conference blog just now. Speaking of which, how’s that going? How about some live correspondence? And how are the chestios? (Which reminds me of George Carlin’s joke about tits sounding like a snack food. What would C-Dub have to say about that?)


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Chestios is a delicious breakfast cereal, thank you.

    Gerasene '10 happens tonight.

    Pick a poem from House of Words for us to read at dinner.

    Is C-Dub the Korrektiv spokesman now? I don't know what he'd offer about Carlin, but I imagine Freud would have some suggestions…

  2. Rufus McCain says

    How did it go? Were the seeds of love planted by the master gardeners? Sorry I didn't come up with a poem. I'm so tired of them at this point, I thought I would write something new yesterday but then children happened. The bane and glory of my summer-off existence.

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