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And remember…

…for lots of people, The Village was where M. Night Shyamalan started to go deeply south as a director/storyteller. But for the orthodox Catholic homeschooling freakshow set, it stands as a fine cautionary tale about the dangers of closed communities, as this guy notes:

“It just brought up so many thoughts for me of the type of evangelicalism that I’d been raised in that I consider it to be one of the most valuable thought-experiments and cathartic movie-going experiences of my life. I have struggled for many years to make sense of and emerge from the twin motivations for Christian faith that I picked up on as a young evangelical: guilt and fear. I became so dependent upon these things as motives for loving God that it is still difficult for me to mature beyond them to the truer and more everlasting values of, and motivations for, the faith. There is something other than fear upon which a loving and genuine community can be built. It is hope. That community doesn’t really exist yet, but we are trying to establish outposts right here in the real world. God be with us.”

The fake monster in The Village is deeply emblematic, no? All the things we are tempted to set up as bogeymen for our children in our effort to keep them safe? All the ways we keep them close to us and set against the world?


  1. Yup, fake:

    Pornography, child molestors, greedy corporatists, and the destruction of the unborn and elderly.

    Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake and fake.


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Damn, bro. Didn't say there were no real monsters. Just the temptation to set up high walls and fake ones to boot.

    And hey, we've got child molesters right in our own midst!

  3. Matthew,

    Sorry, you stepped in front of those "fake" bullets – they were rather meant for the blogster you quoted – I understand where he's coming from with the fear and guilt over his formation in the fear and guilt complex – but his concerns sound somewhat like the critics of Catholicism who take its traditional devotions – Eucharistic Adoration, etc. – to task for being to "pietistic" for today's sensibilties – as if anyone in the world today was ever in danger of that!

    No, I understand too much fearand guilt can make Johnny a dull boy – but too little turns him into Geoffrey Dahmer…

    As the liberals like to say, the Catholic Church is a both/and sort of proposition: BOTH love and mercy AND fear and guilt in a good healthy balance so that the egalatarian nor the scrupulous can get the upper hand.


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