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And July comes along…


  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, I hadn't even noticed until I borrowed somebody's paper in the Lebanese takeaway on the way home.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    There is all kinds of Lebanese food in Britain, it's like what Pizza Hut is in the states. All kinds of swarthy oriental types with English accents. Kipling knew about these things. People wear fezes and have glass eyes and work in dusty shops with dried reptiles and eat kabobs.

    The poem is marvelous.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yes, even the title is marvellous, although I didn't understand the whole poem. Who wrote it?

    There is an extremely nice young man in the Lebanese cafe. He served me in his first day – he said the food was no problem, but he was having difficulty with the coffees, and I wished him luck, and last night he gave me extra salad and said he was enjoying his job. I'm not sure where he's from, I thought of asking him, but he doesn't speak with an English accent.

  4. Anonymous,

    I own up to being the author of said poem.

    It's part of a larger series of poems – each an ekphrasis on a work by Jamie Wyeth as found in one of those art print calendars we all get for Christmas – and each poem also counts out its stanzas as they weeks fall within the calendar (it was a 2000 calendar, I think.). I also tuck major holidays on the lines – for instance, in this poem, line four makes reference to Independence Day… Etc.

    Glad you enjoyed it – you might try focusing more on the painting to help you over the difficult patches – I try to stick as close as I can to what the content of the painting is to determine the content of the poem.

    Thanks for your kind words!


  5. Jonathan Webb says

    You don't think we would give you extra salad in the states? In fact we'd give you all the salad you could eat, maybe at a salad bar. And we have lots of people with very heavy foreign type accents who have no problem with the coffee at all. And, any person on Korrektiv would buy you coffee any time you wanted, do you think we're Mormons or something like that?

  6. Anonymous says

    I have a nice student who's a Mormon. Everybody says he's very normal.

  7. Where did the poem go?

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