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1,247 poems later….

… and “The Emily” is bound to have an effect on one’s cadences.

And there’s still another 528 poems to go!

At any rate, Happy Monday Morning:

Cain’s Quandary

What if the life we love
Can give no other
Than like knife in glove
To hidden murder

That which God above
Found in a brother?
When He’d asked him of
His second other –

Bereft, the gift of love
Inspired Cain with bother –
His response, all above,
To his higher Father –

Was felt by God as keen
As blade – through skin and bone,
“Am I no other
Than my Keeper’s brother?”

But to behold His face –
Too much to countenance –
Would kill his crisis
With bladed conscience

The sharp edge of grace
But returned the favor –
From peregrine wastes –
An evergreen savior.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    "Evergreen savior". Good stuff. Thanks.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I like "peregrine wastes," too, with the evergreen/peregrine echo.

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