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Roamin’ Catholic Church

The Catholic Church as Mobile Home?


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Good journalism, but why is it so darn expensive to build a beautiful church?

  2. Jonathan,

    Ah, well, that's part of what got cut, I guess.

    Between the exterior stone, the wood, the marble and the craftmanship, everything on St. Gerard's was handmade – think the difference between Grandma's cake being made from scratch and church's nowadays (even good lookin' ones) coming out of the Duncan Hines box.

    That said, I wonder if you did a cost analysis how much MORE expensive – taking inflation, rising cost of living, etc. into account – it really would be. I tend to think that the wealthier a nation gets, the less it wants to spend on "superfluous" things like homages to God sort of stuff.

    Why, when we've got that SkeeDo out back still half owned by the bank and the cottage up in the Dells which still has about thirty payments to go – and a leaky hot water heater?

    At any rate, hurrah for the folks at Mary Our Queen for knowing the difference between Grandma's cakes and Duncan Hines!


  3. Rufus McCain says

    It calls to mind Christ's prophetic words about the destruction of the temple — except with a happy twist.

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