Under the Sea

First Son is 13 today, and pace, JOB, he wants to see Avatar. As good a time as any to make note of the following promise from HMFIC James Cameron regarding the inevitable, inescapable sequel:

“Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment – a different setting within Pandora. And I’m going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won’t be a rain forest.”

The ocean? That’s gonna be interesting, considering that what made the first installment so “rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative” was adding extra legs to things and hauling ocean critters out of the water and letting ’em float through the air:


  1. Matthew,

    Whah? [arms raised in mock indignation]


    p.s. Challenge Fin to watch Avatar back-to-back with Pochahontas. Hee-hee-hee! (I was going to say Dances with Wolves, but that might be a bit too much – what with it having all that gratiutious use of Kevin Costner in it. Oh, and I guess there's probably some adult matter or something in there too…)

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