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The Daily Beast With Many Backs

Lickona must be out today with a backache after getting his ass kicked in badminton by an opponent who can barely see the birdie … so it’s up to me to post the latest word on porn. What follows is just one of many fine paragraphs in a fine article by Sean Macaulay.

My life after porn was a lot less turbulent than most because my career lasted all of one day. Back in 1995, I worked as an extra for $50 on Deep Throat III: The Quest. (It turned out that the quest was for narrative coherence.) Filming was shockingly banal and industrial. It was just like any movie set with all the hanging around and unspoken hierarchies, except the final scene happened to be a daisy-chain orgy with a guy masturbating in a chicken suit.

That establishes his crediblity, I suppose, and bona fides with some of his former comrades in the proletariat. The rest of the story is about the rocky transition to normality from pornality by legends such as Bianca Trump, John Leslie, and Jenna Jameson – all of whom are featured in a recent documentary, Exxxit: Life After Porn, directed by Bryce Wagoner.

This is perhaps of particular interest to Seattleites, who will soon be mourning the loss of our very own yes-it’s-porn-but-it’s-hard-not-to-smile-at-it-as-longastherearenokidsaround-landmark (I speak only for myself). There’s going to be a few more girls out of work around here. And maybe that’s a good thing, but tell that to the girls.

Read the whole article here. And when you’re done with that, you can try a couple of chapters from a novel concerned with this same transition. I picture Helen a lot like the gal on top.


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    You lookin' for a porn-fight, Quin?

    Good post, though. Of course porn is banal. Unless you're horny. And I reckon that very few people on set are actually horny. Acting!

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    By the by – the Lusty Lady's last day? My birthday. And how do I get Rufus to change my blogger name to November?

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