Okay, Potter…

If sideways-world is just the dream-world they make for themselves while they’re getting ready to “move on” after death, then how does something that happens to Jack while he is still alive on the Island (Locke cutting his neck with the knife) affect him in sideways-world?

It’s okay. Take your time. I’ll just be over here wondering why a show that borrowed incessantly from Christian symbolism and worldview saw it necessary to include a stained-glass window in a Catholic Church depicting the symbols of various major religions (Star of David, Crescent and Star, Yin-Yang, Cross, Island Donkey Wheel, etc.)…


  1. I take it the finale didn't live up to expectations?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Well, for me, seasons 5 and 6 didn't live up to expectations. I was less of a fan, more of an addict, unable to look away. But Potter thought otherwise.

  3. j. christian says

    Lulz @ "Island Donkey Wheel." Yeah, that "Coexist" bumper sticker window was pretty lame, but it was a small blemish on an otherwise satisfying conclusion. Maybe because I can think of a billion ways the ending could've been worse…?

    But I would love to hear your full (Catholic) exegesis and what you didn't like… Care to elaborate?

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    J.Christian: We shall have to agree to disagree on the finale. Can't do a Catholic exegesis because I think the best account I've read so far is the one that says the whole thing is an anti-religious argument – a bunch of people get ahold of something they don't understand (the light) and make up a bunch of rules about it that don't necessarily make sense or even hold. "Whose rules?" "You just have to trust me." Etc.

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