Mighty Dust Mites

Question: Can this thing kill you?
Answer: Probably not, although seeing a picture of these monsters just about scared me to death. Recently I listened to a guy describing his allergy to dust mites (or dust mite excrement, to be exact), and was surprised to learn that after a couple of years a mattress may weigh 10 times as much as it did when it was new … because it’s basically turned into a big bag of shit. Turns out that those who spread this sort of information are the ones full of shit … but look at that thing! It’s creepy as hell. And you’re probably sleeping with one.

Rachel has the story at Infused Knowledge.


  1. Rufus McCain says

    Thanks for linking to Rachel. I've been remiss in not following up on her assignment to do a priest movie review. JOB, Matthew, angelmeg, Ironic Catholic, Quin, and myself all have some that are due — although I can't remember who is responsible for which movies. Shall we pour it on over these last waning weeks of the Year of the Priest?

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    For the 10X theory to be true, wouldn't the mites have to leave the bed to obtain more food and come back?

    The matress industry should just make their products out of mite shit, other kinds of shit.

    It would be greener.

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