How You Found Korrektiv

66.220.132 has carefully hidden both the name of his organization as well as his location, which is a probably a smart move considering his effort to find young tight blonds by following a Bing search using the words “young tight blonds”. That brought him to a Korrektiv post from August 31, 2005, “Young Blonds in Tight Pants“, by Jonathan Webb.

Which just goes to show how this place used to be a lot of fun.

True, Webb’s post is a curious blend of Kierkegaard and Pascal, from the vantage point of a cowpoke stopping by a 7-11 on his way back from the hot, dusty trail of middle-age longing. But the real draw, in case you didn’t know, is Young Blonds in Tight Pants. And now that Mega Millions is up to $266 million, while the country’s broke and getting broker, Webb’s conundrum is well worth pondering again.

We hope you found what you’re looking for, 66.220.132 of Anywhere, Planet Earth, and if you didn’t … well, maybe someone is looking for you.

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