From The YouTube Music Video Archives: The Best Is Yet To Come performed by Frank Sinatra

Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum…

The last song Sinatra performed live. I’m pretty sure that the guy with with the glasses near the beginning of the clip is Cy Coleman, the composer. Note also how carefully we at Korrektiv coordinate these posts: this song has recently gained new life because of a recent version by Patty Griffin (whose “Top of the World was featured in a post by Lickona a week or so back) for the Cy Coleman tribute album, which also features Fiona Apple singing Walk a Little Faster. Of course on the album you don’t get those lovely stills.


  1. Excellent. Actually the quick shot of the gentleman with the glasses might be Robert Mitchum. Sinatra concerts often featured Hollywood figures in the audience. Originally, the song and arrangement appeared in the second Basie/Sinatra album collaboration, c. 1964. I would guess the concert performance is early 80's. By this time, he is a Beowulfian figure, still getting the better of the last monster. She will eventually win; but there is hope, not forever.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Thanks, df. I've been on a bender with Cy Coleman tunes lately, so I tend to see him everwhere I look. Yes, that earlier version is … amazing stuff, along with all the others. And while she eventually wins, that victory is but a moment. The original recording of Best is Yet to Come is forever.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    I saw a YouTube from the early 80s with him singing "New York, New York" and he looked and sang really good. He was in his early sixties, and back then (early 80s) I thought how pathetic it was for him to still perform. Even in the early 70s I thought he was an oldster

    Now look at Jagger and all those other clowns who are even older, but with 10% of the class. What decent woman would look at the two and settle on Mick?

    Being 50 has obviously changed my perspective as well.

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