From The YouTube Music Archives: Spiralling Shape by They Might Be Giants

Another welcome to the newest Korrektiv members, as well as a flashback to a Korrektiv summit from 2008, hosted by the Lickona. Not to mention that Rufus has this thing about spiraling shapes … This is a charming live version from the TMBG Tower Records tour, circa 1996. Here also is the original album version (fantastic), and another live version from just a few years ago, featuring a foghorn, an unintentionally captured audience singalong, and a ripping guitar solo to close the whole thing out.

Down, down, down you go / No way to stop / As you fall, hear me call / No, no, no …


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Thank you kindly. JOB and I saw 'em in LA at the Pantages Theater on the Apollo 18 Tour. Very good times indeed.

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