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Catholic Losties

A round-up of end-of-Lost musings from the Catholic blogosphere and elsewhere:

Mark Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It!: Open Lost Thread and You Can’t Have Too Many Lost Parodies (I like the angle Mark begins to elucidate here, that Lost is a “Catholic Pagan Myth” and that “the storytellers, while pursuing an overall grand narrative of redemption, don’t know how to pay off the huge narrative debts they have accrued.”)

Dorian Speed, Scrutinies: LOST (spoilery but not spoiled)

Amy Welborn, Charlotte Was Both: Lost

Danielle Bean, National Catholic Register: More Important Than Polar Bears

Robert King, Virtue Quest: What got lost in “Lost”

Clayton Emmer, The Weight of Glory: on the conclusion of LOST

Peggy, Southern Illinois Catholic: LOST Finale: Christian Imagery and Message

Mark Davoren, OP, Godzdogz: Finales, Finishes and Theology

Davin Winger, Mary Mail: Lost

Will, Sutter’s Casebook: The LOST Story

Carl Olsen, Ignatius Insight Scoop: I was going to explain everything about “Lost”…

Julie D., Happy Catholic: So It Was Purgatory All Along

Mary Deturris Poust, OSV Daily Take: Lost and Saved

Travis Prinzi, The Hog’s Head: LOST Finale: Why I Loved It

Tony Rossi, The Intersection: The Afterlife of “Lost”

S. Brent Plate, Relgion Dispatches: What the Lost Finale is Really About

Ross Douthat, The New York Times: The ‘Lost’ Finale

Terry Mattingly, ScrippsNews: Lost in the white light [includes a theologically-astute quote from Amy Welborn]


  1. Matthew Lickona says

    Rufus, your pimp hand is heavy.

    Worth seeing this just to know that there is a blog called Sutter's Casebook.

  2. I have to admit, since I don't have a TV, it's pretty hard for me to comment one way or another.

    But the Rubix Cube of Catholic imagery that apparently has haunted so many in this TV show reminds me of the days immediately following the release of Matrix moves (Matrices?) – and "What the @#$% it all means?"

    Seems that series too began with a bang and ended on a whimper.

    I say this just as a way of observing the repetitive cultural phenom.


  3. Thanks for the link. As one of the fellows at the Sutter's Casebook site, I welcome you anytime. It looks like our site shares much in common with Korrektiv. We both understand that man is a pilgrim, Percy was on to something, and a little irreverence is not such a bad thing.

    Rest assured, I will continue to read your site regularly. Good stuff.

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