The Week in Review

In which I discover how much I would hate to be a pundit and be required to express my opinion on Anything and Everything, and acquire a greater appreciation for those who do

Polish President Lech Kaczynski Dies in Plane Crash
What does it say about me that I was instantly suspicious of the Kremlin … er, Putin when I heard about the crash. Well, shame on me for my lack of charity towards the Russian president, who, it seems safe to say, had nothing to do with this. It did remind me that I have yet to watch Katyn, the movie directed by Andrzej Wajda. It also reminded me that as a kid I used to entertain nightmare visions of plane crashes involving entire sports teams (like this one:; thank God it doesn’t happen more often. What truly awful news for the Polish people, now one of the brighter lights in Europe.

Preacher Convicted of Killing Wife and Freezing Her Body
Whew! Not a Catholic priest. Just proves the wisdom of the Church’s refusal to bow to pressure to allow priests to marry.

Security video captured bloody shooting spree in Mexico
One more reason to decriminalize drugs, in my humble opinion.

West Virginia Mining Disaster
The final toll in the West Virginia Mining explosion is 29. What struck me first about this story was the amazement that people are still willing to do such dangerous work as this. The world really isn’t a dangerous place for most of us. Yes, bad things will happen to all of us eventually, but for the courage to risk their lives miners and others deserve our gratitude and prayers for the dangerous and yet necessary jobs they do.

I enjoyed Danny Westneat’s Seattle Times column this week:
Mengesha says he wrote “The Only Black Student” to “get these topics out in the open,” not to bad-mouth the place.

Nearly 1,000 copies have sold so far, mostly to colleges. Mengesha, who graduated in 2006, in economics, also is becoming a kind of ambassador to schools baffled by the black experience. He has given workshops for minority students entering UW’s engineering and business schools and this week is flying down to talk to UCLA.

It’s no wonder the schools need an interpreter. If anything, campus race relations are getting more complex. In the book’s most cringe-inducing passage, a white student uses the N-word on Mengesha. Only it’s not intended as a put-down. He says it as a term of endearment — as if both parties were black instead of just one.

Mengesha is appalled anyone could be so clueless. Still, at least the white guy was trying, however clumsily. Mengesha decides to let it pass.

“What can you do about some of this stuff but laugh?” he says.


Doesn’t Love Dirty Underwear
Jennifer Love Hewitt will only date a guy if his underwear is free of skid-marks.

The Ghost Whisperer star — who recently split from boyfriend Jamie Kennedy is currently dating actor John Asher — says there is no surer way than a pair of dirty undies to turn a girl off.

“Guys should be clean and their underwear free of skid-marks,” explains Jennifer. “If they are not then run as fast as you can in the other direction and never date him again.

I would hate to be Jamie Kennedy right now. No, wait – now that I think about it, Jamie Kennedy ought to feel pretty damn good right now. He should consider those skid marks sure signs that he was able to peel out of that hell as fast as he did.

And I will do the same with this awful post





  1. Jonathan Webb says

    That's "Prime Minister" Putin to you Buster.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    You should make this a weekly feature.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    You're right – I don't want to get shot. Who knows how deep this guy's tentacles reach?

    And yes, I've thought about giving it a try. Who knows? Maybe I can improve.

  4. Anonymous says

    I wasn't suspicious of the Russians. In this case, a conspiracy would be less interesting, although that's not the right word.

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