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Conor Friedersdorf has quite a number of interesting posts about conservative writing on NRO’s Corner, as well as Ross Douthat at the New York Times. Being a frequent reader of Douthat and the Corner, I thought I would take my place in the food chain and write about Friedersdorf writing about Goldberg writing about Douthat:

In National Review, Jonah Goldberg says that Mr. Douthat is “basically right” in his take (though he reserves the right to revise and extend his remarks). I hope he’ll weigh in again, because I’m a bit confused.

At which point Friedersdorf summarizes his confusion, showing how Goldberg appear to disagree as much as they agree … or maybe it’s the other way around. So I offered the following comment:

I think Goldberg has offered a few criticisms of Palin. Maybe not enough, but a few. He’s also written a little on conservatism in entertainment (I had no use for that Battlestar Gallactica piece, but hey, he did write the piece). So I think we can expect more of this, going forward. All in all, I think he strikes a pretty good balance between criticizing those with whom he has almost nothing in common (he and Beinart have had some good exchanges on Bloggingheads) and those with whom he has more in common (Steyn, Long, Robinson on Ricochet).

He has a lot more criticism for Democrats and liberal writers and entertainers, but that seems pretty normal to me.

It seems to me that you’ve found your niche making some pretty fine distinctions while sorting through the opinions of other conservatives, which is certainly valuable. Goldberg’s distinctions may not be quite as fine as yours, but they strike me as generally fair, and often persuasive.

Life is never too short for more conservative commentary.


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    I just reread this and saw that I repeated the word "piece" in the same sentence. Obviously I'm a little further down the food chain than I thought.

    Hey, at least I didn't write "peace".

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Douthat has been "liberated" for a long time.

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