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Being something of a middling, dribbling, midstream member – a far different thing than Augustine’s member – perhaps I might mention a modicum of infinity in the major mode … hopefully not mediocre … a relevant, if not righteous, recursion in a discursive diatribe:

The most difficult place to find on a map is the place in which you stand, because you no longer need the map, and a difference that makes no difference is no difference, but for the sake of agreement and because “Money-is-no-direct-object” when it comes looking up words on (who the hell is Pete?), I’ve gotta tell ya – it’s better than reruns from the 90s on TV. Better even than Hasselhoff himself, if you can believe that …



  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    The Hoff!

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Keep your eyes shut, Marian!

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    I knew a guy who was his roommate in camp.

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