From The YouTube Music Video Archives: Frühling by Richard Strauss, sung by Gundula Janowitz

In dämmrigen Grüften
träumte ich lang
von deinen Bäumen und blauen Lüften,
Von deinem Duft und Vogelsang.
Nun liegst du erschlossen
In Gleiß und Zier
von Licht übergossen
wie ein Wunder vor mir.
Du kennst mich wieder,
du lockst mich zart,
es zittert durch all meine Glieder
deine selige Gegenwart!

In shadowy crypts
I dreamt long
of your trees and blue skies,
of your fragrance and birdsong.
Now you appear
in all your finery,
shining brilliantly
like a miracle before me.
You recognize me,
you entice me tenderly.
All my limbs tremble at
your blessed presence!

1948, Words by Herman Hesse

Here also are versions by Elisabeth Grümmer, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf and Jessye Norman.


  1. Anonymous says

    I didn't realise commenting meant the music finished. But I have to say, opera – or classical singing – is a bit depressing.

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Really? Why? When I first began listening to opera, I couldn't understand the words (even when sung in English) and frequently had some trouble following the music, but even then could only admire the incredible work that went into producting those sounds. Not unlike watching great athletes play sports, since there's simply no way I could ever do what they do.

    Elizabeth Schwarzkopf is to classical singing what Michael Jordan is to basketball.

  3. Anonymous says

    I really enjoy the korrektiv.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Well, we enjoy having readers. Or "reader". I can never tell one Anonymous from another. Is this the same Anonymous that wrote above? That actually read my novel?! Who teaches philosophy or somesuch in Britain?!?

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

  5. Anonymous says

    I don't listen to the words much in songs, just the music.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Anyway, here's something for you catholics to enjoy:

  6. Quin Finnegan says

    Thanks for the kind words and then here's something for you catholics to enjoy, followed by a link to an article about how Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are planning to arrest the Pope when he arrives in England?!?

    Why would we enjoy that? Is that a sick joke?

    Being Catholics, our thoughts and feelings about the Pope are bound to be somewhat more complicated than yours, especially in light of the crisis and the continuing revelations about the victimization of children at the hands of the clergy and the ensuing cover up at high levels of the church.

    It's a source of deep shame for all of us and something of a trial, testing the faith of many of us and bringing outright despair to not a few.

    Do you want me to write, "Oh yes, thanks for pointing that out. Having thought about it for ten minutes now, I've decided I really can't believe in God anymore, much less the deceitful structures of power that bad men build in his name."

    Or do you want me to come up with something spiteful in return? That's a tough chore, since you're … anonymous.

    Sometimes you're a bore, and sometimes you're a buffoon, but rarely have you shown yourself to be so entirely uncharitable. I can't imagine you dislike opera so much. Just what the hell is your problem?

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