Facebook Exchange: Guns & God

Rufus McCain saw a car today with four bumper stickers: 1. “I’m heavily armed and easily pissed off”; 2. “God is awesome”; 3. “In guns we trust”; 4. “God loves you”

Adrienne O’Doherty likes this.

Alex Martini God may love you…. but I keel you!!! LOL (Achmed the Dead Terrorist)

Marcus Carver Either a very ironic funny man or a seriously disturbed and conflicted man. But definitely a man.

Felix Arnold Must be one of the “alleluia and pass the ammunition!” crowd. Comforting to know islam does not have a monopoly on armed fanatics.

Shelby McMorris Pretty confident who you’d stand behind in a fight. I’d take the God fearing, proud to be a gun owner, American citizen any day.

And seriously, comparing him to an armed Islam fanatic? Really? One would do everything to fight for you the other wants to cut off your head.

Adrienne O’Doherty OH GAWD. Let the eyerolling begin.

Rufus McCain Marcus: I thought the same thing. But when I pulled up alongside *him* at a red light, being very careful not to piss anyone off, the driver turned out to be a very mild looking lady with an Indian feather thing hanging from the rearview mirror. Maybe the bumper stickers are his and hers.

Kathryn Kafka Wow. That’s pretty funny! 🙂

Felix Arnold OK, equating this particular person with a armed fanatic (of any sort) is an exaggeration because I really don’t know that this person is a fanatic. (Certainly declaring “God is awesome” isn’t fanatical.) I was admittedly taking the opportunity to express my point that an armed fanatic is an armed fanatic, irregardless of their faith. (BTW, I would not want any armed fanatic “fighting for me”, even if – no – especially if, they claim to share my faith.)

Rufus – remain on the cautious side and don’t underestimate mild looking ladies. She could be armed!

Clementine Miranda Poe his and hers! that would be awesome.

Johanna McCain Definitely a one car “mixed” marriage!

Thadeus McCain schizophrenia or some other undiagnosed mental illness aka “Glen Beck groupie”.

Lawrence Armstrong Hey….That’s my Momma’s car.

Maria Martini @ Shelby – it’s a comedy routine, relax!

Nannette Johnson Dalloway Just saw this quote and thought of that car: “It is time we circled the wagons, pulled out the artillery, rolled up our sleeves, and readied ourselves to be tough with the devil.” Rod Parsley

Johanna McCain The problem is: who is the devil? Your devil may not be my devil.

Thadeus McCain Maybe just a blantant case of sarcasm.

Corrina Wilder rofl at the stickers and all the comments! Love ya’ll!!

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