1. Good stuff. But the question remains: how do you pronounce "Douthat"

    "Dooth hat"
    "Doot hat"
    "Do that"
    "Do they"
    "Dwah they"

  2. Charles,

    Doubt that….

    Any of those are correct.

    Ha ha!


  3. Kevin J Jones says

    I think it's actually "Dow-thawt"

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    You're allowed it pronounce it that way only if you're wearing an ascot. Or a monocle. But yeah, I think you're right.
    Charles – "Ross." Good one!

  5. cubeland mystic says

    "Doo at" that is my vote.

  6. Johnny Vino says

    In "We can get Down", QTip from A Tribe Called Quest says "Do dat do dat do do dat dat dat". I think that's the correct prononciation.

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