Another great exchange from An Education, one I won’t spoil with context:

“This is lovely. All your books and pictures.”

“They’re just paperbacks and postcards.”

“But that’s all you need, isn’t it?”

I should mention that the film is playing under the stars this evening here in San Diego.

Go to Lefty’s next door for dinner, then take in a fine film in a delightful setting. And omigosh, just look at the rest of their schedule for this summer!


  1. Anonymous says

    Just saw it. Not a wrong note. Splendid in every particular. Thanks for the suggestion. Oh, and Lefty's has the best Italian beef on the planet. –Peacock

  2. Matthew Lickona says


  3. Sir, after taking in the film (enjoyed immensely), I put to you the following question: Is the first person a man lies to usually himself?

    And I thank you for performing a public service. Cinema under the Stars is quite stellar.

  4. BettyDuffy says

    ALso loved the bit about how it's better to know a writer than to be one. Smiled all the way through this movie. My friends think I'm nuts for it though. They hated it.

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