Lent, Day 16

“For a moment, they” – the apostles on Mount Tabor – “experienced ahead of time something that will constitute the happiness of paradise. In general, it is brief experiences that God grants on occasions, especially in anticipation of harsh trials. However, no one lives ‘on Tabor’ while on earth. Human existence is a journey of faith and, as such, goes forward more in darkness than in full light, with moments of obscurity and even profound darkness.”

– Pope Benedict XVI

This is Christianity’s number one spokesperson talking. Heck of a sales pitch, no? I’m going to try to remember this one for the many times I hear the Church treated as a purely political organization, one with no real interest besides swelling the ranks, filling the coffers, demonizing the Other, and controlling the masses.


  1. BettyDuffy says

    I read this excerpt this morning in the Day by Day with Pope Benedict book, and thought "Someone needs to broadcast this."


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, you're most welcome. It's a fine book, isn't it?

  3. BettyDuffy says

    Very fine. I've been reading it on repeat for about three years now. Can't get enough.

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