Lent, Day 13

Very strange Mass readings today. All about how we have sinned, and stand in deep need of God’s forgiveness. Viz:

“Lord, do not deal with us according to our sins. Remember not against us the iniquities of the past; may your compassion quickly come to us, for we are brought very low.” – Psalm 79

Strange because this is one of those exceedingly rare days when my sin is not quite so ever before me as usual. I only hope that some kind soul will stop in the comments and refresh my memory.

In other news, someone seems to have lost a shoe at the corner of Palm and La Mesa Boulevard.


  1. Matthew,



  2. notrelatedtoted says

    "Godsbody, Lenten Edition" is starting to scare me. And yet I find it oddly compelling.

    Sorry for making fun of your dadcakes.

  3. cubeland mystic says

    You're a good man, and bring a lot of joy and happiness.

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