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From the YouTube Music Video Archives: The Sea Refuses No River

This is (obviously) a live version of the best song on All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, Pete Townshend’s album from the early 80s. The album is chock full of great songs, such as “Equisitely Bored”, “Stardom in Acton”, and “Slit Skirts”. The band here is … awesome.

For the sea refuses no river / We’re polluted now but in our hearts still clean / The sea refuses no river / We tried not to age / But time had it’s rage / We’re washed over stones / From babes into clones of the mean / The sea won’t refuse this muddy river / Nor deny the sulfurous stream


  1. Good words, awful tune. He has an interesting face. Were the charges against him dropped?

  2. As for the band, it's a very "American" sound.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Great song from a great album. Coincidentally, I woke up this morning with "I am an Animal" running through my head.

    Thanks Quin.

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