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“Welcome. We’re glad you’re here to learn more about the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is an independent US government agency that provides national security “intelligence” to key US leaders so they can make important, informed decisions.”

I ran across this while doing some random research. Did you know that the U.S. contributed upwards of 2 Billion dollars per year to Egypt between 2001 and 2006? I suppose that’s an informed decision, helping out with stability in the region and whatnot, which of course is vital to U.S. interests. But some of that money seems to be earmarked for plying kids with strawberry milk and chloral hydrate, not to mention video equipment, and that kind of eats at me. When I think about it. Now that I’ve posted this, I suppose I can stop.


  1. Rufus McCain says

    Just to connect the dots for any readers that may have missed your comment on the earlier post:

    "To deal with Zawahiri, Egyptian intelligence agents devised a fiendish plan. They lured a thirteen year old boy named Ahmed into an apartment with the promise of juice and videos. Ahmed was the son of Mohammed Sharraf, a well-known Egyptian fundamentalist and a senior member of al-Jihad. The boy was drugged and sodomized; when he was awakened, he was confronted with photographs of the homosexual activity and threatened with the prospect of having them shown to his father. For the child, the consequences of such a disclosure were overwhelming. "It could even be that the father would kill him," a source close to Zawahiri admitted.

    Egyptian intelligence forced him to recruit another child, Mus'ab, whose father, Abu al-Faraj, was also in al-Jihad and served as the treasurer of al-Qaeda. Mus'ab endured the same humiliating initiation of drugs and sexual abuse and was forced to turn against his family. The agents taught the boys how to plant microphones in their own homes and photograph documents. A number of arrests followed because of the information produced by the boy spies.

    from The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright

    Zawahiri did, in fact, have the boys shot."

  2. Rufus McCain says

    That kind of eats at me, too. World gone wrong.

  3. Quin, I don't know if you have had some experience in the past that you feel more able to refer to obliquely, or if you are being a little bit prurient for some of our tastes. If the former, I'm very sorry.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    What the hell? Somehow I don't think "prurient" really covers a "humiliating initiation of drugs and sexual abuse" for the purpose of being turned against one's family.

    This is at least partly my fault, so thanks to Rufus for connecting the dots.

  5. I love the little cartoon spies on their page, complete w/ shoe phone ala Maxwell Smart.

  6. Quin, I didn't mean to offend, but have noticed that religious people do sometimes like to talk about this sort of thing.

    Anyway, here's an article that may be of interest:


  7. Quin Finnegan says

    I think it's fair to say that just about everyone likes to talk about this sort of thing. Your comments here, for example.

  8. Quin Finnegan says

    Regarding the article … it seems the Pope thinks differently about equality than Parliament and the Guardian. Is that news?

  9. I think it's news for the Pope to comment on the passage of legislation through the UK parliament.

  10. Jonathan Webb says

    To tony c (if you're still checking in),

    yes…bizarre. It's a post-modern world to be sure.

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