Alphonse in the news.

Jezebel and Broadsheet weigh in.

Incidentally, issue one is now available online.


  1. Matthew,

    So much love, I can hardly stand it…

    (And I thought D-wad went out with those other 80's D-words…)

    Still, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about aborton being "more than a Catholic issue."

    It's hard to see how, outside of grace, you can get these embittered battlers to come to their senses…

    When Hobbes' Leviathan is your bible and Cosmopolitan your catechism, you wind up with poor souls like Cherry Spryte.

    We must pray for her… Even though I know she'd hate us all the more to know we were …


  2. "makes sh!t up." Isn't that what fiction is? What do I know.


  3. I have been mulling all morning at the vitriol over there…I was tempted to weigh in, but I was afraid I would melt. I don't know, I am a woman, I am somewhat feminist-for a catholic. Since when do we-women that is-in this day and age, not have a choice about carrying a fetus? I am sorry, weren't you there when it was conceived? Did it ever occur-you have a choice right then? The choice NOT TO HAVE SEX??? (unless you were raped-and of course in all seriousness that is whole nuther ball of wax). BUT, that being the EXCEPTION and not the rule, (I hope), don't we have a choice? I am sorry-did I miss something? It erks me that, in the choice argument, getting pregnant in the first place is kinda skipped over. Where was CHOICE then? Seems to me if you want to claim empowerment, you ought step up right about BEFORE you conceive the child to kill….(sorry-little irritated.) mcm

  4. And no-I am not pro-contraception (although, hello, if you are a militant feminist….I don't even want to go there…) I am PRO-CHOICE, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO SAY NO TO SEX IN THE FIRST PLACE-PRO CHOICE. Yeah, that choice. mcm

  5. MCM,

    You go girl!

    I'm glad you're on our side!


  6. Cubeland Mystic says

    I have a nice snarky answer lined up for the pro-death crowd, but as I think about it, in the end abortion hurts women.

    My snarky comment would be just more pain, and in the end less empowering.

    When the little people came I could not help but notice how dependent my wife was. Something like abortion was probably intended to empower woman has made them more vulnerable. It actually gets men out of their responsibility.

    It's too late to ramble, but that is my two cents. Great comment mcm.

  7. Thank you JOB and Cube. Absolutely Cube, that is one of the saddest things, how hurtful abortion is all around, not just to the babies, but to the women who have them. We are being sold a bunch of BS in the name of "empowerment". Contraception and Abortion do nothing but make women more subjugated to men, and sadly, sadly, feminist just don't see this. And that really erks me. ANYWAY. Good for you Matt for being in the news, all press is good press right!?!? mcm

  8. Matt (Slainte Joe) says

    Wow. Those combox posts are disheartening. Knee-jerk, furious, and profane.

    Unfortunately, many on our side of this issue act the same way. I once recommended the movie "Vera Drake" to a group of Catholics and was harangued for supporting the "abortion agenda."

    By the way, ML, I'm not going to importune you to spend your valuable time on a blog if you're ready to pull the plug. Still, I can't tell you how nice it is to find young, devout Catholics who are literate and engaged with the broader culture. At least Eve would still be around, but I certainly enjoy Godsbody.

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