Alphonse in the news.

The intrepid souls over at The Awl let me try to explain myself.


  1. Mark Thomas says


    I knew him when.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Ha! But thank you.

  3. Matthew,

    Wowsers! Quite the bee's nest over there in the comments.

    I couldn't quite bring myself to enter the fray – but it's interesting that those who clamor loudest for legalized abortion are probably the same sort who wish to see legislation bend to the will of (junk) science in issues like climate change and consumption fo natural resources.

    But when that climate change/resource consumption happens to be connected to a woman's womb, science (and moral judgment, for that matter) must yield to politics.

    Too bad Gore gave up his prolife views a long time ago – we could have used his verve.


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