Parenthood sets in.

At Blockbuster. Three videos to turn in, in exchange for three more. Lassie for First Daughter (dogs!), Mouse Hunt for the Big Boys (slapstick!), and The Hurt Locker for Mom and Dad (drama! plus explosions!) Um…

[Thinks about evenings this week, puts The Hurt Locker back, gets Mario Brothers cartoon for Third Son and Second Daughter.]



  1. notrelatedtoted says

    People still rent movies from blockbuster?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    I was wondering if someone would call me on that. Yeah, way back when Netflix was having its customer service troubles, we switched to Blockbuster Online, because they let us trade in DVDs at the local brick 'n mortar. And we never got around to switching back.

    But yeah.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    I'd have to drive probably 15 minutes to get to a blockbuster. Outrageous!

    That said, I'm starting to get fed up with the "Very Long Wait" for movies at Netflix. It's like it's turning into a digital version of blockbuster….all it's missing is some 16 year old employee who is stoned out of his mind….

  4. Matt (Slainte Joe) says

    And you lamented in one of your pieces that, as a cradle Catholic, you weren't afforded an opportunity to find the pearl of great price.

    Children must be a source of abundant grace for nonbeliever parents. What better way to dive headlong into the mystery of dying and rising?

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