Alphonse in the News

Joseph O’Brien has written a very fine piece in OSV about the little guy with the big chip on his shoulder. I couldn’t be more pleased.

To celebrate, I’m going a-begging again. Let’s try this Kickstarter thing one more time, shall we? Cheers!


  1. Well done, JOB (and Mr. Godsbody).

    This, I found to be the most interesting line in the piece: “It seems that the abortion debate is not a debate at all, but a mutual shaking of the heads at the monstrosity of the other side’s position."

    Is it fair to say that the kind of virulent tribalism to which the culture has descended has its origin in the abortion battle (for want of a better word–clearly not a debate)? And is it telling that the humanity of the preborn is the Great Line of Demarcation from which all of "Us" (whatever our tribe) to view "Them" (whatever their tribe) through a kind of prism of MonsterVision?

    Just ruminatin'.

  2. Excellent work, Matthew. For some reason, JOB's fine piece on Alphonse made me think of this Bernanos quote, (as found in Von Balthasar, "An Ecclesial Existence", pp. 209-210):

    "Although a Catholic writer, I often speak to those whom Catholic writers never address … These mostly speak to the well-known type of unbleiver who feels drawn by the Church and is continually repeating: How lucky you are to believe! How I envy you!, as if faith were an inexhaustible source of consolations that makes us immune to the misfortunes of this life … My inclination, rather is to write for the ill-disposed and mischievous minds. Who are these "mischievous minds" in the judgment of many Catholics? They are people whom the devil pushes to slight or misunderstand us, the believers, to deny our talents and our virtues. But, as a matter of fact, it is highly probably that a great number of these mischievous minds have nothing to do with the devil. Perhaps it's the good Lord himself who has made them particularly sensitive to our defects, … in order to humble us […]"


  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Thank you, df. Bernanos saw deeply.

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