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Korrektiv Christmas Gift Suggestion


  1. Christopher M says

    I purchased the yodeling pickle for my brother Jeff. Despite what I felt was sufficently self-explanatory packaging, my brother seemed perplexed by what the purpose of the green thing was.

    When my brother is confused about something's purpose he has an internal list he goes through. The first thing on this list is to try said item as a suppository, a task the Yodeling Pickle seems frighteningly well-suited for. The second thing on the list is the slightly more disturbing action of turning it sideways and trying it as a suppository again, a task the Yodeling Pickle was less well-suited for. The first 15 or so things on the list wouldn't make it into an R rated movie.

    When he finally used the Yodeling Pickel for it's intended purpose, my brother was pleased. His ragged, self-inflicted torture shocked body shook with laughter and trauma.

    The Yodeling Pickle is a winner.

  2. Scarriest pickle I've ever seen.

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