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Before there was Survivor, before there was The Apprentice, there was Kung Fu!

Cf. “Be as wise as serpents but as gentle as doves.”


  1. But loves may conflict as can virtues.

  2. In the end, I suppose, although I'll think about it some more, you decide what action will cause the least number of people the least amount of pain. I think Bentham used the term 'felicific calculus'.

  3. Rufus McCain says

    I think the point is that love requires risk … and that love doesn't get hung up on the calculus of the risk.

  4. No, you always need to think of those you might hurt.

  5. Rufus McCain says

    Sure, but the clip has nothing to do with risk to others, but rather risk to self. Trust, faith, involves risking one's own well-being, putting oneself on the line — that's where the calculus goes out the window, ultimately.

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