Bye bye for a bit.

Dept. of the Obvious: I need to go fallow for a while.


  1. Matthew, all,

    Fallow well.

    In the meantime, I'll provide some intermission music:

    Today’s Scientific Mind

    The statue is a dead thing, the crowds conclude,
    Adrift as dreams escaping conclusion.
    The hallway’s empty now. Even echoes
    Are eaten up. Light picks its way through shadows,
    A prisoner’s fingered keyhole for needle's eye,
    And shadows wait for their turn when at last,
    The night trades in horror for the banal;
    The different terms are speaking past faces,
    Memory’s charms and a busted nostalgia:
    The curving upward swing of orioles,
    Threading the downward churn of summer’s day
    Gasping its last. Where’s Caesar and Cleopatra?
    Where Cleopatra and Antony? The asp
    Among them all? The seasons grow too numerous
    And span to bulge our skeins. Ambition
    Abolishes hope; the scattered penumbra
    Of small things fall to ground with feathered sounds.
    The tall thunder of gods in the machine is long.
    The stamp of man is brief. No, these feet shall not
    Return. But others things are drawing close –
    Curiosity and contemplation
    Embrace and say, “How good, o love, to be here.”
    Not above the stars, their masks, their turns, their hard
    Discriminations of cosmos and atom;
    Not with clever, quick determinations
    Of light and shadow, electricity,
    Iron filaments and antechamber;
    But in a mystery of form, of shape, animus
    In stone: This marble hair no comb will part.


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