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Help Banu write his paper on Percy

I am Banu. Can someone throw some light on Percy’s stand on being a Southern- as regards the religion,and being white.

From the percy-l


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Banu, I am so glad that you have written us and believe me that you have come to the right place. Percy personally name Rufus his successor over a bottle of grape Ni-Hi in a Louisiana bus station.

    Percy was a white man who spoke English, and was very concerned about the issue of race and the plight of the black man in the deep south. He wrote about them (black men and others) in his books. He wrote about Forney Akers and others.

    Percy was a respected white man who did not win the Noble Prize. He was very respected by members of his race, and others.

    During a bout of tuberculosis he read Thomas Mann in a sanatorium and wrote an unpublished novel very much in the style of Thomas Mann. He also wrote a number of essays touching on language and existential philosophy.

    I do not have a one word "hip-hop" style name like Banu. However, I persuaded a black man to call me "Crime Dog" once.

    If you have any further questions I can be reached at this web address.

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