The Sit-Down Pee, Revisited

A couple of years ago I posted a consideration of the sit-down pee, comparing two instances of it in cinema and literature.

Now we have this contribution to the discussion from Pastor Steven Anderson:


  1. This guy has been pissing into the wind too much!

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I think he has a point, though. The sit-down pee is not something that should be mandated by a wife or by bureaucratic namby-pambies. It should be offered up graciously and freely as an expression of civility and decorum.

    It would be fun to write an imaginary travelogue of a trip through Europe– with the main character based on this guy.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    I suppose the hardscrabble work of raising up a civilization inevitably leads, sooner or later, to the concern for decorum, but thence comes the slide into foppery, and eventually, mandated gender reassignment surgery.

    Maybe that trip should be a trip through China … imagine sitting down on one of these.

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