The Children are Listening.

Me: “Well…”

Third son: “…how did I get here?”


  1. Matthew,

    Please post several times soon – so that you can scroll past your excessive "haha"'s which appear in the "Recent Posts" section. By their very excess, they are interfering with the text of your posts.


    p.s. SMS: Perhaps the greatest concert film ever. I saw it on video with a girl named Grainne McKenna in her parents living room in high school. But as pretty as she was, the film mesmerized me: an argument for art as The Great Chastiser….

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Agreed on SMS. You win the experience though – I was sitting alone in my living room with a big styrofoam container of chicken wings from Dominos.

  3. Michael in ArchDen says

    Gosh, am I one of the few readers of yours that is old enough to have seem SMS on the big screen-during it's first run? Arthouse theater in Boulder, CO that's long since closed…good times.

  4. Michael,

    I remember it coming out in the theaters, too; but because it did have limited release and my high school days had limited range, I figured I'd wait unitl it went to video (DVDs were still a glint in Sony's eye – or whoever invented them…). That was 1984 – I watched it on video in, must have been, 1985.

    Alas, I did not see True Stories until the mid-nineties- although that was providential as I was living in Dallas at the time, where the majority of the movie was filmed (just as Office Space would be 13 years after TS) I had a greater appreciation for the various landmarks – some not so obvous (like the brick pyramid in the Valley View Mall) which appeared in the film.

    Ah, nostalgia…


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