Gary Friedman, CEO of Restoration Hardware, is not afraid of marketing. Viz the letter in his latest catalog:

“‘Hell, there are no rules here; we’re trying to accomplish something.’ Three months of formal schooling, 1,093 U.S. Patents including the Phonograph, the Kinetoscope (think motion pictures), the Alkaline Battery, and the Incandescent Light Bulb. Thomas Alva Edison was famous for both his inventions and his irreverent perspective, exemplified by the quote above. His inventions transformed the world, and his perspective revolutionized everyone in it. He held the status quo in disdain. He broke the rules. He recognized that risk-taking and failure were the only ways to truly advance society…It is that perspective that has led to the many innovative interpretations of Edison’s invention represented among the pages of our Famous Fall Catalog Lighting Sale.”

Emphasis most definitely mine.


  1. Man, that is fantastic.


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