File Under: It really doesn’t take much to make a Dad happy.

A little Mad Men on iTunes, a little Manhattan, a little snack of steak and mushrooms and spinach…

I am the most fortunate of men.


  1. Matthew,

    Is that photo the cover to your book of short stories?

    It also reminds me of the old Clancy Brothers-told Irish joke: "You're a trout! You're not a steak! You're a trout! You're not a steak…"


  2. Matthew,

    Also, my version:

    A little Corelli (the Trios) on the turntable; a little Martini; a little sausuage bathed in onions, cabbage and stone-ground mustard sauce with butter-burnt cauliflower on the side.

    Oh, and a good meaty red wine to wash it all down.

    (Of course!)


  3. cubeland mystic says

    A little bowl of lentils, a little jug of dirty water, a little fire, a little shelter to huddle shivering under, a little pack of screeching demons to torment you throughout the cold night. Spiritual warfare warms the heart.

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