So many reasons to love.

‘I Am Trying to Break Your Heart’ This is my favorite song from my favorite band. Hands down. There are a lot of things Wilco does well, and they do all of them on this song.”

– from Jon Hamm’s iTunes playlist.

[Via Goldenfiddlr.]


  1. Matthew,

    Forgive my ignorance, but Jon Hamm is who now?


  2. I've had this debate about a dozen times. I think Andy Whitman is dead on in his criticism of YHF. Where's the melody? Tweedy drones on in a monotone throughout the entire album!

    Wilco's true masterpiece — and true sonic departure from their original alt-country sound — is, of course, Summerteeth. Pure pop brilliance.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Jon Hamm is an actor who portrays the character Don Draper on the AMC drama Mad Men, which I like very much.

    Matt – what, am I going to argue with Mr. Wilco himself? I think not. I think people just dig the xylophone in this one.

  4. notrelatedtoted says

    Interesting link there, com-box Matt.

    I initially didn't "get" YHF. Matter of fact, I hated it. I think I even said as much on this blog and said it should be renamed "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot." Then, one day, it just clicked for me…..not sure why or how, it just did. I could blather on about "musical epiphanies," but that might summon FOG Ernesto to come out and chastise us for sticking our heads in the sewer.

    Just kidding, Ernesto.

    Anyhow – I think the secret to YHF is this: tension and release (if you consider the foundation tracks of YHF – I am trying to break your hear, radio cure,ashes of american flags, & poor places). The non-melodic parts create the tension, which is always relieved by the melody in the chorus.

    Strangely enough, Summerteeth is my least favorite Wilco album, but I haven't really listened to it that much.

  5. Matt Healey says

    Hmmm. Given that 27.93% of American men in their 30's are named Matthew, I suspect I need a more detailed combox handle. I think there are several Matts around here, so I'm the one who left the original YHF comment.

  6. My fave is "I'm the man who loves you"…live version.

    And I like "Airline to Heaven"…

    And…dang, I really like Wilco.

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