Pizza Night

Sharp-eyed viewers will note that the sausage pizza shown under construction here is perhaps not as round as a hand-tossed pizza might be. The truth is that, while these photos do have the virtue of being unstaged, the dough-tossing shot is taken from a later pizza – there were six in all, made in honor of William Wilson, Guitarist Extraordinaire, who had a birthday to deal with. The dough proved a bit sticky just out of the gate, and this first pizza was rolled only.


  1. Matthew,

    Believe it or not, a hair dryer is a good way to get dough down from a cieling. First you cook it thoroughly with the hair dryer and then take your garden variety paint-scraper and you should have the cieling looking in tip-top shape by the following morning.

    Another method, although it takes longer, is to thoroughly soak the dough with sudsy dishwater (Palmolive works best). It will leave an unsightly stain, but it's recommended that you paint the spot – preferrably as a fully cooked pizza – as the irregular shape doesn't really lend itself to much else in the way of decoration.

    Yet a third method requires an acetylene torch, but I figure with those strict California fire codes you have out there, you don't want to mess with them…

    Happy extricating!


  2. cubeland mystic says

    More JOBian advice. Did you pre-cook your crust? Depending on the thickness you might consider pre-cooking the crust a bit before topificating the round. You have to play with it for timing, brush the ovo on it first, maybe 4 minutes then take it out and topificate. Thin pizza doesn't really need it.

    Looks darn good. I have half a mind to make a pilgrimage to SD this fall. I'd bring the fatted calf, fine wines and bourbon. Lots of all. Also gold doubloons, pieces of eight, silver bars, sacks of emeralds.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Okay, all this is most excellent, but I should explain: For one reason or another, the rather extreme heat here in La Mesa (over 100 yesterday, and we don't have AC) left the dough a little sticky after punchdown. D sprinkled the lot with flour, but started in on this one right away. By the time she got to the rest, it was just fine. We do pre-cook the crust for some of our pizzas. CM, our kitchen is always open to you and yours.

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