Alphonse in the news.

Interview is up over at The American Catholic. Many thanks to Darwin Catholic for the interest.

Q: Though I don’t want to overplay the evangelization aspect of this (who was it who said, “If you want to send a message, use Western Union”?) but what do you want people to come away from Alphonse with — but as a Catholic and as an author more generally?

A: My fondest hope is that this is a story that will linger in the reader’s mind after he or she has finished it and walked away.

I could say that I’d like it to give readers an enlarged sense of the world, but that’s awfully hifalutin.

I could say that I’d like it to give readers on both sides a better sense of the opposition – and if the characters are actually characters, as opposed to cardboard cutouts; if the story really is a story, as opposed to propaganda, then it’s certainly possible it will have that effect. But that’s more of a byproduct. It’s not why I’m doing this.

So I’ll stick with the lingering.


In other news: 10 days remaining over at Kickstarter. We might just make it.


  1. j. christian says

    I got my copy. My favorite scene is the overhead of the operating table: "Doctor… Your patient." For a moment, the doctor of the women's health clinic has been distracted from one patient and forced to see the humanity of another. Perfect.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Thank you very much, JC.

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