This Father’s Day, Let Us Pause…

…to consider what happens when you let someone who most likely does not have children of his/her own design a clock for your Los Angeles Children’s Hospital:

There are times, the clock seems to say, when your children will dance happily on the hands of a clock high above the city streets. And there are other times when they will be hanging on for dear life, dangling from those selfsame hands, cursing the irony that places them in such peril even as they work to advertise an establishment that helps injured children.


  1. I hope that artist doesn't design a clock for a nursing home…

  2. Anonymous says


    Note that the children are only hanging on to the minute hand.

    Because every child remains a child until his hour is done….?

    Or because childhood itself is, alas, an ever so brief hour….?


  3. Robyn Broyles says

    That's a pretty wild clock! That poor child at the bottom of the photo… I think he must be perpetually terrified. Even when he is upright, he looks like he's tripping over the end of the minute hand.

    Found your site via InsideCatholic via Catholic Edition via Twitter. Who designed your homepage? I'm very impressed. I am trying to develop my web design skills, but that's a definite step above my current level.

    I'd like to invite you to take a look at my Catholic website, which I recently redesigned. I'll link under my name. I am always looking for new writers—would you like to contribute a guest post about your new graphic novel? It would be free advertising for you! The website is "officially" about science, reason, and faith, but from the beginning there has always been a significant helping of pop culture, especially of the science fiction variety.

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    Hey Robyn,
    Thanks for the kind word. I came up with the way I wanted my website to look, and then I hired the very capable Doug Gatanis of Gigantic Inc. to actually make it happen. Very pleased with the result, and Gatanis was wonderful to work with.
    Happy to contribute a guest post – how do I go about it?

  5. Dorian Speed says

    I think I could have dissuaded the child who just started a fire via baby wipes on a light bulb had I said, "you don't want to end up at the Hospital of the Death Clock, do you?"

    My first thought was that those are the Darlings and Peter Pan just skipped town.

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